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Rudy Duda - I graduated from the University of Nebraska with B.S. in Engineering in 1966 (also as a 2nd Lt in USAF) and graduated pilot training at Vance AFB, Enid, Ok. Also got commercial pilot license, and in 1967. spent a year in South Vietnam. came back to US and was stationed at March AFB, as pilot KC-135 refueling tanker. Also flew Looking Glass West Aux in support of Air Force 1. Had additional tours at Kincheloe AFB in Michigan where I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Master's Degree in Industrial Management.  Spent 8 years in the US oil fields as a drilling equipment engineer responsible for improving drilling equipment. Responsible for changing over from band-style brakes on drawworks to disc-brake style. Investigated top drive technology in Europe and the middle east to integrate into National drilling equipment. Worked on mobile drilling equipment utilizing Wichita and other clutches on drawworks. Worked on various drilling equipment rigs involving air and hydraulic systems. Trouble shot problems on rig equipment. Reported to plants on problem areas for improving product design.

Working as chief engineer for Orcutt LLC on a variety of clutch and brake applications involving web tensioning, slitting, punching, forming of various materials using clutches and brakes as primary power function. This involves trouble-shooting the interaction of clutch and brake operation and proper maintenance of both. Involved in other ansillary products such as couplings, overrunning clutches, back-stops, gear reducers, motors, soft starts, ac and dc drives, and tensioning controls, sensors and other equipment.
Let me put my experience to work for your application.

Jill Zedaker - Graduated from Auburn University in 2000 and began working at The Orcutt Company, Incorporated. As an inside sales representative I became knowledgeable with the products we sell and the value of on-time delivery to our customers. I gained field experience rebuilding clutch and brake units up to 36”, pressure testing these units and seeing them in action at plants. I enjoy meeting with our customers and expanding my knowledge on how our products keep production moving. Running the day to day activities of Orcutt, LLC I am involved in every aspect of the sale and welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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